Administration Use and Misuse

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Administration Use and Misuse

Post by lbs21 on October 21st 2016, 16:28

Two selected members of both sides must receive administrative privileges at the opposing group’s place and at 57694821 and they must not be removed at any point during an ongoing war. In addition, if the attacking team has neither member who was delegated to have administrator privileges permanently with them currently, then the raid leader must be granted administrative privileges for the course of the raid and until all discussion and dispute concerning the specific raid has ended.

Request for logs and chatlogs must be met by the group that they were requested from with all immediate haste. It is not allowed to clear the logs, and this will constitute a major violation. If there was a dispute as to administrative actions and the logs are cleared, this will constitute surrender from the group that cleared the logs, and they will have lost the war, and must admit so to the other group.

Admin abuse is considered the incorrect usage of admin. These are how some of the common commands will be seen:

Player inhibiting:
ambient, brightness, bighead, blackify, bring, btools, clone, confuse, creeper, disable, dog, disco, flash, fogcolor, fov, freaky, fogstart, fogend, freaky, jump, minihead, music, play, nograv, outdoorambient, grav, infect, insert, light, mute, music, randomizeteams, removelimbs, removelegs, removearms, setgrav, shadowcolor, skydive, sit, trip, time, size, slim, spin, vibrate, char, tp, removetools, volume.

The above are distracting and can cause a player to be disadvantaged in some way. They are allowed only outside of raids. Using any in raids once constitutes a warning, using any again (be it the same or a different command) will constitute a second warning, after that, the raid win goes to the attackers. Using them outside of a valid raid is generally fine. Some things which are permanent until removed constitute one use every sixty seconds, so three uses will be counted within three minutes, and the raid win will go to the attackers.

Player attacking:
blind, damage, disable, explode, fling, freeze, glitch, glitch2, health, jail, kill, lag, lock, loopfling, nuke, punish, rocket, seizure, smite, stun, toolban, starterremove, toolban.

These constitute serious infractions that could jeopardize the validity of a raid. Using one of these without express permission will result in the raid win going to the attackers. They are not permitted in a valid raid, but are allowed outside of valid raids.

Respawn, while having similar effects to kill, is allowed at the beginning of the raid to start it. Other than that, it cannot be used, and should be grouped with kill as "Player attacking". Likewise, the team command can be used at the start of a raid only.

Player enabling:
noclip, copytools, ff, fly, gear, give, god, heal, health, hidename, name, invisible, noclip, speed, setgrav, starttools, sword.

Gives a significant advantage to a player. While some of these have valid uses, they are not allowed in the raid. Use of these in a raid constitutes a warning, further use of these constitutes a win for the side that did not use them.

Severe Infractions:
ban, kick, loopkill, crash, serverlock.

The above are not allowed in a raid without express permission from the war terms or the opposing group, which is to be proved by the party using the commands, and, should it be debated on whether the usage was incorrect, constitute an immediate ceasefire of the raid and raids for 24 hours to assess the problem and how to prevent it again. Should the usage not be agreed to via the war terms (kicking of neutrals, allies, mercs) or the opposing team, the raid win will go to the side that did not use admin. The kick command can be used against members neither in LCD nor in the opposing group.

admins, age, announce, bans, change, chatlogs, clean, clear, countdown, credit, fix, h, m, help, logs, ph, pm, ping, rank, refresh, rejoin, rnotify, serverage, vote (sparringly).

The above commands are allowed largely at any time.

place, cape, face, fire, goldify, has, hat, link, pants, particle, removehats, shiny, shirt, swagify.

These are generally fine if you use them on your own members, but are best kept out of valid raids and should not be used on members of opposing teams on each other.

Other commands that are unmentioned above should be used with reason and judgment. They should be used only sparingly and if controversial, should have permission requested beforehand. Depending on the nature of the command, it may constitute a raid win for the attackers.

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