Players Allowed in Raids

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Players Allowed in Raids

Post by lbs21 on October 21st 2016, 16:24

Hiring, soliciting, adding, or communicating with people who, at the moment of viewing this message or agreement to it (whichever came first), had no allegiance to either group, and proceeding to use them in the a valid raid, and have received previous significant training in combat, in a practice commonly known as "mercing", shall not be allowed.

To enforce the above paragraph, LCD and the opposing group will, with all deliberate haste, exchange screenshots of their recently joined members, which can be found in the audit logs of a group page. Members performing well that are suspected to fit the description above warrant a new screenshot of these logs. A request for the logs of a recently joined player submitted by one group cannot be refused on any grounds. If this member recently joined, implying that they had no allegiance to either group on the date mentioned above, are considered to be mercenaries, and shall not be allowed to partake in the war.

Members who are less than ninety days old, who have not joined either group as of the above date, will not be allowed to participate in the war, regardless of fitting the above descriptions of a mercenary and regardless of performance.

Members who fit either of the above descriptions, but have held allegiance to either the opposing group or LCD only though the status of their primary groups being allies, shall be grouped as allies, and shall not be allowed to partake in the war.

To prevent the addition of players fitting any of the descriptions above into a valid raid, the attacker with moderator or administrative privileges must, upon seeing any person who is on the attacking team but not a member of either group, declare them as such a person, and proceed to kick them from the server.

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