HR Meeting Notes 8/11/18

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HR Meeting Notes 8/11/18

Post by lbs21 on August 11th 2018, 20:24

The meeting started at 7:10 CST.

The meeting kicked off with Galen talking about going to war. Lbs suggested that if an upcoming raid against Electro Legion went well, then we'd start making arrangements for war against them. PoW was worried that people would not be able or willing to allocate time to war, and that higher intensity might drive others away or change the nature of what LCD currently is. PoW recommended that if we do fight, we do it on Fair City Warzone, recalling the last duel we had there against Ace Legacy.

PoW brought up the idea of reviving the LG. He mentioned three ranks: Initiates, Guards, and Examiners (names subject to change), where initiates would be promoted to Guards after being tested Examiners. Lbs asked if PoW had 7 members he wanted, in accordance to the last meeting's vote. PoW said that he did, and listed Pin, Black, Galen, 305, and Dusk, as well as himself, Tank, and myself, who were already in it, bringing it to 8 members. He mentioned that he'd also have a training for others that would allow them to get in, as well.

Rob started a discussion on trainings, specifically about communication during scrims. It was noted that improvements were needed. He suggested that people who fail to listen to orders or complain get reprimanded somehow. Lbs suggested that there be a Google Docs on member behavior. PoW suggested a "commander" gamemode where one person does callouts and everyone else is muted.

The meeting concluded at 8:22 CST.

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