HR Meeting Notes 6/24/18

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HR Meeting Notes 6/24/18

Post by lbs21 on June 24th 2018, 23:59

The meeting started on 8:10 EST.

The first topic of discussion was LG. Before bringing it back, we decided that they required a purpose, as well as certain rights and responsibility to constitute a significant and distinct entity. As such, we decided on the following list:

To be part of a special and separate team tasked with controlling an objective, whether that objective be a terminal, gate, strategic location, or otherwise important area.

To be part of the aforementioned team.
LG members will automatically be qualified to enter skirmishes or any event when there is only a limited number of members that are allowed to enter.

Attend a certain amount of LG-exclusive events.

In addition, some miscellaneous LG-related items were decided:
LG will be focused primarily on guns and will have 100% gun events.
LG shall have at least 7 members at all times. It shall be active whenever there are more than 7 members, and it shall be inactive whenever there is less than 7 members.
LG shall have gun only tryouts once a month, hosted by the leader of LG, or a dedicated proxy. Those who do exceptionally well at such tryouts shall be invited to join LG.
Upon discovery of quite excellent talent, one may be trained with a leader in LG outside of the monthly trainings. If one is successful in these trainings, they will be allowed into LG.

In addition to LG-related topics, we discussed and approved a variety of topics and actions:
There shall be a list of people blacklisted from joining LCD.

Every time an LR or MR attends a training, their name will be logged and their attendance noted. They must attend the full event to be given one virtual ticket. At the end of every month, a virtual drawing will be held, and the winner of such drawing will be given 100 R$. This shall start July 1st, 2018.

Medals will be given to those who perform exemplary in combat. These t-shirts will have a small pin that will exemplify some remarkable deed or act, such as taking the flag while being the last one alive, or performing the best in a certain raid or defense.

Promotions will be given to Enlists for buying the uniform. Promotions will be given to Scouts for joining the Discord and attending an event. Promotions will be given to Sentinels for recruiting an Enlist who puts on the uniform. These promotions may still be earned the standard way, by coming to events and performing well.

For major holidays, there would be a contest to redesign the LCD logo to match the theme of the holiday. Should any design get more votes for than against, then that logo shall be made the group logo for the time around the holiday.

Game nights would be hosted and be semi-official LCD events, making use of the voice  chats and #announcements channel.

Most importantly, we'd like to accept war with ATLAS, but we fear that we would have fewer members and be overrun, despite our members individually performing better. As such, we'd like to have a war with ATLAS on the grounds that they allow us all the rules stated in our War Terms, but with the exception that we could bring in allies, too.

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