HR Meeting Notes 6/23/18

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HR Meeting Notes 6/23/18

Post by lbs21 on June 23rd 2018, 20:22

This is a record of the meeting that commensed at 8:27 EST, 7:27 CST.

The directorship was the first topic of discussion, and HRs got new positions.

Galen left the Director of Security position, which is now no longer a position. He chose to become the Director of Training. In addition, the Vice Commander's abilities and duties were expanded to include the previous Director of Administration. The Director of Administration position is now closed.

Lbs21, the previous Director of Administration, was assigned to the Director of Diplomacy, the position he had before being the Director of Administration.

Robarazi was assigned the position as the Director of Discipline. It was decided that the director positions would only be available to Exemplars and above. As such, he was to the rank Exemplar.

Pint was assigned to the position of Director of Development. The exact freedom the Director of Development would have is still undecided, as Tank demanded oversight. It was proposed that ideas go through the Trello board for approval.

It was decided that the Adviser position would be open to willing Legionnaires that were looking to become HRs. Under this program, Legionnaires can become an adviser to a director, and take over some of the duties and responsibilities that the director has. If performance exceptional, they may receive a position as an HR.

Further meeting topics, such as the war ATLAS declared, were postponed due to the rather poor attendance.

The meeting concluded at 9:18 EST, 8:18 CST.

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