HR Meeting Notes 6/3/18

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HR Meeting Notes 6/3/18

Post by lbs21 on June 3rd 2018, 20:36

LCD Meeting Notes 6/3/18

The meeting started off at 8:02 PM EST, on a note of how to get LCD active again.

Tank suggested that we recruit, and mentioned how the Group Recruiting Plaza isn’t the same as it was in 2011.

Kex brought up the topic of having LCD branch off into other games and platforms. The example he provided was CS:GO.

Pin suggested we might advertise, although funds are a bit low for that.

We moved on to the topic of HRs and how to get them active. Tank decided the barriers to becoming an HR would be lower, and that MiniboIt (formerly known as Jackdoa) would become an HR.

Since the GRP wasn’t a choice any more for recruitment, some other places were offered up to recruit at:!/game-instances

LG was going to be considered deactive until further notice.

A letter of introduction will now be given to new members. This letter is as of yet unwritten.

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