HR Meeting Notes 11/4/16

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HR Meeting Notes 11/4/16

Post by lbs21 on November 4th 2016, 20:56

The meeting began at 6:07 PM CST, 11/4/16.

PoW was noted as the person who called the meeting to order, so he began. He started by talking about how LCD tended to challenge elitist groups in the past. However, we've had trouble recruiting and keeping new members, largely due to LCD's lower activity level. As such, the members we currently have need to be very dedicated for us to survive as a group. PoW mentioned how he may not have the time to continue his activity. PoW may not be able to support LCD in the near future. If so, a change in rank to Veteran as well as his attendance at a few LCD events every now and then would be likely.

I brought up the fact that LCD is training heavy, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, however, trainings tend to be not combat intensive and dull for new members. I believe that it would be wise to limit the number of Luminar trainings LCD has comparatively to raids, defenses, and practice raids. No vote was taken, however, agreement was noted. If you wish you host a training, please consider following it up with a raid/defense, or beginning it at a practice raid, and defending if a group comes.

PoW called for a new generation of LCD, one that the old members would be a part of, but not the core of.
After this point, ideas for recruitment and promotion were discussed.

PoW suggested the idea of offering rewards to those who recruited three friends. The motion passed unanimously by all those in attendance. As such, this will now go into affect. Any LR or MR below Enforcer rank will be promoted if they can prove that they brought three people into the Legion who may not have joined otherwise.

We then proceeded to discuss obby-based promotions, which also passed unanimously. To clarify, Kex's motion passed, with all but 1 agreeing. He envisioned one promotion for those who had already bought uniform or could not afford it. The promotion could not be given to Sentinels or those of a higher rank. It was unclear what obstacle course would be used.

The idea to have an academy for promotions was unanimously rejected.

There was a vote 4-1 for more allies. Galen mentioned that he would like to foster closer relations with an ally that he had in mind.

Flashlights still need to be added to HQ. This has been added to the Trello, which can be found here:  Permission may be required before viewing.

The meeting concluded at 8:47 PM CST, 11/4/16.

If you have ideas for the next meeting, please mention them on the Trello board under the meeting topics, or post a reply here. If you feel I forgot something, please be sure to message me so that I may revise this.

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