Summary of War Terms

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Summary of War Terms

Post by lbs21 on October 21st 2016, 16:20

This is a summary of the war terms, that will generally be safe to abide by. However, this is not the official text, and any disputes over rules must go by the official war terms, which are segmented in this same forum.

We will not agree to war, even on these terms, when we are already at war.

We'd like for a war to be up to 10  raid wins at a fair base. To ensure fairness, teams may be switched (on attacker request), with the attackers guarding the base, and vice versa. This should not disadvantage/advantage either side if the teams are fair.

For a raid to be valid, the other team must contact HRs of the other group 4 hours prior, or receive acceptance from one of the HRs of the other group. It can not be the second consecutive raid by that group for that day (alternation), and can not be the third raid for that group of that day (no more than two raids by each team in a day). It has to be at a reasonable time, which will be defined soon, and can't start less than 24 hours after this contract is agreed to.

If a raid was not scheduled correctly, either group must make an attempt at defending. However, if they do not succeed in their attempt, they may reject the raid.

The raid can only last for 1 hour and 30 minutes, and the attacking team wins if they hold the flag/term for 20 minutes. The defending team is successful (but does not receive a win) if the attacking team leaves or if the time is up.

No mercing, allies, or alts. This will be enforced.

Admin will be given to two people of the opposing team permanently. If one side doesn't have admin at a raid, the raid leader will be given admin.

Logs, chatlogs, and changelogs must be overturned upon request.

This should go without saying, but don't AA.

Be nice to each other, even in times of dispute and war.

To agree to this contract, please either create an account and sign here, along with PMing lbs21 and Shagabash your LCD Forum username, or simply PM lbs21, Shagabash, Galenos, and PoWeRoVeRlOaDiNg with your acceptance personally.

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